Abril Arteaga

Christian Richardts Vej 5A
2000 Frederiksberg
Tlf: 42365814
Telefon: 42365814
Telefontid: 42365814
Besides my acupuncture practice, I am a Phd student interested in neurosciences with gives me a deeper understanding of the nervous system and the role of acupuncture to treat many imbalances.
Despite my acupuncture practice, I am a current PHD student with focus on neurosciences and neuropsychoanalysis. Interested in everything related to the nervous system and how to improve its connections being acupuncture of them. I have been teaching Yoga for more than 15 years and that has helped me my practice as acupuncturist to recommend certain movements, practices and even meditations to my patients in order to support the treatments.
Coming from Mexico, herbal knowledge is rooted in my practice and everyday life. I treat in English and Spanish
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