Practicing Acupuncturists (PA) is the largest and oldest association for acupuncturists in Denmark.


Practicing Acupuncturists (PA) is the largest and oldest association for acupuncturists in Denmark.

Here we have gathered the most important information intended for foreign acupuncturists, who intend to settle down and practice acupuncture in Denmark.

Legal rules for practicing acupuncture in Denmark

In Denmark, anyone can practice acupuncture without having an authorization or approval from the authorities. Furthermore, there is no requirement for an acupuncturist to have a professional health education.

Acupuncture is categorized as “alternative treatment”, and it is not regulated by the health authorities in Denmark.

It therefore does not require a specific permit to establish oneself as an acupuncturist in Denmark.

Employment opportunities as an acupuncturist

In Denmark, almost all acupuncturists work in their own private clinics/companies and it is rare to work as an acupuncturist as an employee.

However, it is possible that an acupuncturist employed as a doctor, midwife or nurse may use acupuncture as a supplement to the treatment they otherwise provide.

Not all hospitals or medical clinics use acupuncture.

Registration as Acupuncturist

The Danish health authorities have made a registration scheme for acupuncturists with an acupuncture education.

This registration scheme is called "RAB" (Registered Alternative Therapist), and is a list of all acupuncturists who have an education where the following minimum requirements for the number of education hours must be met:

  • Acupuncture theory and practice - 250 hours
  • Anatomy and physiology - 200 hours
  • Pathology - 100 hours
  • Psychology - 50 hours
  • Legislation - 10 hours
  • Knowledge of other forms of treatment - 50 hours

RAB-registered acupuncturist has liability insurance. Private health insurances only cover treatments from  RAB-registered acupuncturists.

Therefore, the PA recommends that all acupuncturists be registered. To be registered as an acupuncturist in Denmark, you must be a member of an association for acupuncturists.


To become a registered acupuncturist in PA, you must apply for membership. This requires documentation for the following:

  • Diploma in acupuncture theory and practice
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Pathology
  • Psychology
  • First aid course

In addition, you must have a course in Danish legislation for acupuncturists.

This course we can offer you to take for free through PA online, if you meet the other requirements for membership and if you have paid your registration fee.

To apply for membership please use the contact form.

Membership of PA costs 4,960 DKR annually.

The first year, a 50% discount is given on the membership fee.

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